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Cathryn writes: “Water has been the theme of my work since 2011 when I attended an artist residency on the Yucatan coastline in Mexico. It is the patterns, colours and shapes created by the currents and light that I am continually amazed by and attracted to.

Over the years I have set myself the challenge to capture not only the surface, but what lies below in the shallower waters off our coast in order to offer a deeper experience – the smallest patch of water contains a huge amount of visual information.”

(Review by Penelope Lee, 2017) “Here in these paintings we see water beautifully defined; its coldness and wetness made exquisitely tangible. But what first appears to be a realistic depiction of the surface of the sea, soon dissolves into the undefined depths of abstraction. Close up and personal, the eye is seized by vibrant colour and energetic brush strokes, but step back, and once more the water’s surface reappears. The abstraction that lies below becomes the reality seen above.”

Cathryn McEwen - Coast Kaleidoscope
Cathryn McEwen – Coast Kaleidoscope

Cathryn is based on the Central Coast NSW and has and has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions. She has been a finalist in many competitions including the Muswellbrook Art Prize and Gosford Art Prize in 2019. Earlier this year, Cathryn exhibited in the Exhibition Project at the City Recital Hall, Sydney (

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