Catherine Parker Art Tours 2020

ODISHA: The Tribal, Temple + Textile sketchbook ART tour:

East India – March 1 -14 2020
13 nights – 14 days

This is a ‘taster’ tour of the region – giving you an opportunity to discover the diversity of Odisha – from 8th century temples, small textile weaving villages to the beautiful tribal communities in the hill districts, you will be forever enriched. Sketchbook in hand, be culturally immersed in this authentic, inspiring Art Tour. Enjoy workshops with master artisans, family lunches in small villages as well as ‘off the road’ adventures you would rarely experience otherwise

Catherine Parker Art Tours is well respected both in India and internationally. I personally research and lead these exquisite Art Tours with my knowledgeable and highly respected Indian guide. This ensures you get the most authentic experiences perfectly aligned for artists. They are small and specialized with a max of 10 people.

I have artists returning time and time again to experience the magic!

These tours are deeply personal, adventurous and full of cultural immersion.
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Catherine Parker

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