Desert Equinox 2021 Art Challenge


Name of Competition: Desert Equinox 2021 Art Challenge

Closing Date: 30/10/21

Art Competition Details
Desert Equinox 2021 Art Challenge Online is an open-entry event accepting entries from 13 September.
For a share in the $5000AUD prize pool, we invite you to create an artwork on an elemental theme of Earth, Fire, Water or Air. Capture your artwork in a quality image, video or audio recording and submit it as an entry in our Art Challenge.

Your artwork image will be exhibited online at our International Arts Exchange website, or we’ll link your moving image or audio entry directly to your Vimeo or YouTube upload.

Independent judges will select finalists from the four categories, and winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Friday 3 December.

You can enter a maximum of 4 separate artworks across the categories (eg, you can enter 4 earth-themed works, or 1 in each category, or any combination).

Ful details and Terms & Conditions can be found at our website in the Desert Equinox tab. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who may enter? Open to anyone around the world

Website with Art Competition details:


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