Online Art Classes

Online art classes, taught by world-renowned instructors who love art as much as you do. There are no DVDs, CDs, or books, which means nothing to wait for in the mail!

There are no scheduled class times, so you can enjoy them entirely on your own schedule, as well as view them as many times as you’d like. Each class is taught by an expert instructor and consists of several hours of high-definition (HD) video content.

  • Simply Stunning Art Journals
  • Description:Create art journals that express your creativity and inspire your inner artist. Learn how to turn your blank pages into beautifully executed designs.
  • The Art of the Picture Book
  • Description:Unlock your inner storyteller and illustrate a picture book that will captivate children and publishers alike.
  • Sketching for Concept Art
  • Description:Create compelling characters and environments that come alive in comics, video games, movies and more.
  • Drawn to Painting
  • Description:Join artist Rob Zeller for a dynamic, comprehensive introduction to creating a drawing based on a cast, then use your drawing skills as a springboard to create a painting.
  • Colored Pencil Essentials
  • Description:Improve all of your colored pencil drawings! Learn easy, empowering techniques for color mixing, application and more.
  • Drawing Wild Animals
  • Description:Simplify the steps for drawing iconic animals. Depict wild animals with true-to-life proportions, dimension, textures and features.
  • Travel Sketching in Mixed Media
  • Description:Capture the energy and excitement of travel in spontaneous sketches. Learn fast, fun and flexible techniques for sketching on location in mixed media.
  • Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques
  • Description:Bring your drawings to life as you make shading simple and fun! Take all the mystery out of value, interpreting light, mark-making techniques and more.
  • Sketching Your Point of View
  • Description:Capture ordinary scenes in extraordinary sketches. Learn how to simplify busy spaces, sketch perspective intuitively, depict wide-angle views and more.
  • Botanical Illustration
  • Description:Discover essential techniques to create beautiful botanical illustrations!
  • Simple Techniques for Better Landscapes
  • Description:Capture the beauty of any natural scene you choose! Learn foundational techniques for drawing landscapes with lifelike dimension, texture and detail.
  • Figure Anatomy for the Artist
  • Description:Conquer the complexities of figure drawing with the indispensable system of line, shape and form used by da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo!
  • Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil
  • Description:Draw your most heartwarming pieces of art with new colored pencil skills. Capture the beautiful fur, sparkling eyes and unforgettable faces of beloved pets.
  • Drawing Children for Picture Books
  • Description:Illustrate stories that captivate kids at reading time. Draw children with lifelike proportions, youthful features, convincing skin tones and more.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Hands
  • Description:Draw true-to-life hands with simple techniques. Learn anatomy essentials, achieve accurate proportion, render hands in motion and more.
  • Drawing Anime Style
  • Description:Learn the skills to create incredible anime drawings and gain the creative confidence to invent your own original characters!
  • Figure Sketching Made Simple
  • Description:Make figure sketching fun and fulfilling! Use loose, gestural techniques to quickly draw figures that are brimming with life.

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