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Art works in any medium which are related to the changed we experience in our societies, our personal lives and meaning of beauty can enter to this Transformation Art Competition 2017.

 “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” Heraclitus 

Change and transformation is the only thing we cannot avoid. We live in a world that is transforming even faster than ever in many different ways, either positive or negative. Therefore, our society is and has been transformed in many ways as a result of:

        • globalization
        • wave of immigration, both voluntary and involuntary
        • environmental transformation
        • human rights transformation (including racial inequality, feminist movement, and LGBT social movements)

Artists of all career levels are welcome to show all kinds of social and political transformations you’re witnessing or taking part in.

The following media are accepted:

        • Photography (including documentary)
        • Painting
        • Illustration
        • Drawing
        • Installation
        • Digital Art
        • 3D-Art including Ceramic Works

Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2017

Website with Art Competition details:


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