The Morris Art Prize

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Prize purse of $17,500. 00

2D oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache, mixed.

Concurrent registration and submission of work 1st to 9th Feb 2018


Brisbane to Byron.

A Gold Coast centric celebration of the nature, culture, people and character of the region stretching from Brisbane in the North to Byron in the South and the hinterland in the West. Relevance to theme will factor in the judging criteria.

All artwork submitted as an entry in the art prize must be for sale.

The Art prize organiser will retain 17.5% commission from the sale price. The art prize organiser will sell the artwork on behalf of the art prize entrant for the sum nominated by the art prize entrant. The art prize organiser will pay to the art prize entrant by cheque or EFT the proceeds of the sale less gst and commission.

Website with Art Competition details:


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