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How to … enter art competitions and other useful tips and info to help the artist


How to use eBay to find Art Supplies

Know your prices Look for the price of the item at your local art supply store, or online. (I find it easiest to do a Google Search for what I am looking for then selecting “images”. Much quicker to see from photos.) Once you know the best price you can get the item for you know […]

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How to look after your paint brushes

Buy the best paint brush you can afford then… 1. Never rest your brush on the bristles 2. Don’t leave paint brushes in water/liquid 3. Clean your paint brush when finished How do you clean acrylic paint brushes? Wash your brushes with warm soapy water, rubbing it in circles on the palm of your hand. Rinse well, […]

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How to pack paintings for shipping

Sometimes when you enter an art competition you may have to pack up your painting and get it delivered by a courier. The best way to protect your paintings for shipment is to prevent anything from having direct contact with the surface of your painting. This is a demonstration of a simple method for protecting […]

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How to enter art competitions tips

Read the Terms and Conditions Make sure you and your artwork are eligible to enter the art competition. Read through a couple of times and make sure everything such as when the artwork was made, the medium you use, size of the artwork with or without frame, age and where you live are all met. Fill […]

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